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Friday, 16 June 2017

Chicago rapprr Rico Reckless arrested on gun Gun Charge while shooting a music video

Rico Reckless
Chicago artist RicoRecklezz was reportedly arrested in Chicago on weapon charges last night while shooting a music video.

Details surrounding the specifics of the incident are yet to be established, but Rico was arrested alongside affiliate Boss Reese yesterday on the Southside of Chicago. Rumor has it that the pair were in the process of shooting a music video when they were arrested.

Rico’s latest arrest comes just 4 years on from a similar arrest in August 2013 for “handling real guns” while “filming a rap video”. This arrest came the day after release from a previous year-long sentence, and Rico served another year in prison for the offence of unlawful use of a firearm by a felon.


Rico’s charges are not yet showing on any government websites or inmate locators, and his bond amount is listed as ‘no bond’ but there is no indicator whether or not this is accurate. Rico’s extensive criminal history suggests that he might not be allowed to bond out of jail, but If he is given a bond it is likely that Rico will meet his requested bond amount and be released in the coming days. Via @rapcatchup [Instagram]


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