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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Grieving Iraqis call on US to investigate massacre of 1,600 military cadets

Mass graves from the "Speicher Massacre" in Tikrit, Iraq 
It has come to be known simply as the “Speicher Massacre." But three years on, families whose loved ones were mercilessly murdered in the Iraq attack are calling on the U.S. to help them find some closure.

“ISIS called me from my son’s phone and humiliated me. They said: ‘Your son is killed and we threw his body in the river so come and get him,’ then they hurled abuses at me,” Um Hussein, the mother of a victim identified only as Hussein, recalled to Fox News from her home in a poor part of the southern Iraq city of Nasiriyah. “I didn’t hang up. I held on. I held on with the small hope that they might tell me where to find my son’s body.”

While dozens have been held responsible for the attack, the families say that’s not good enough. They want high-ranking government officials – including the former prime minister – to also be held responsible because, they claim, the officials abandoned and betrayed the mostly low-ranking military recruits killed in the attack.

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