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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Tears as boy who died while mother entertained secret lover is laid to rest (photos)

- A mother and her older lover's negligence saw her young son die inside a car

 - They locked him up in the car with high temperature and went to entertain themselves in a lodging in Bungoma county

- The two are now cooling their heels in jail as the 8-year-old was buried by his remaining family in a solemn, low turn out ceremony

- Their appeals to be assisted with burial funds fell on either deaf or shunning ears due to the circumstances that led to the child's death On Monday, June 12, news of a 8-year-old boy dying while his mother entertained her secret lover gripped the nation. 

The boy, Enos Barasa, is said to have passed on after he was left locked inside a car while his mother and her lover, June Nganga, 60, entertained themselves in a lodging room in Bumula market, Bungoma county.

Simiyu's other children at their brother's funeral.
The mother and her lover were arrested by police in time as a gathering crowd bayed for their blood. Enos’ death sparked outrage in Kenyans considering it is among the first such cases to make national news. Kenyans could not come to terms with how ignorant the mother could be to tag along her young son to a tryst and then lock him up in the car only to supply him with sodas at intervals.
Enos' sister. Not many people attended the funeral following the circumstances in which the boy died. They claimed Simiyu had shamed her family and they wouldn't associate with such behaviours.

As evidenced in the photos and basing it on previous reports, not many people attended the funeral as the family’s pleas to be assisted with funds for a decent burial fell on deaf ears or were laughed out of a room as news spread of the circumstances that led to the child’s death.

For any parent, losing a child is unbearable because they are their (parents) hearts, it is worse when the child dies due to their negligence. The family now remains without a bread winner as their father passed on in 2015.


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