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Wednesday, 7 June 2017



 Tambuwal's sectoral achievements


1. In 2016, government settled gratuity arrears of 1901 retired civil servants to the tune of N2,641,341,988 covering life, death, contract gratuity and pension arrears that accumulated from November 2011 to August 2015.

2. In February 2017, 567 retirees received retirement benefits amounting to N1,234,069,399.

3. Employment of more than 2000 workers into the state civil service since May 2015.

4. Introduction of centralised attendance register in all ministries, departments and agencies to ensure punctuality, attendance and retention of personnel at duty posts.

5. From November 2016 when the register was introduced to date, over seven million (7,000,000) signatures have been appended by workers twice daily in the mornings when they resume work at 8.00am and evenings when workers close for the day (at 4.00pm)

6. Attendance Data generated from the register led to the awarding of certificates of merit, cash prizes, land and a new home to six of the most diligent staff who excelled in punctuality and diligence to work.

7. In-House Training of more than 10,000 workers of various cadres. So far the training has been conducted for Admin Officers, protocol Staff, Housekeepers and Cooks, Information Officers, Engineers and Motor Drivers.

8. Collaboration with various professional bodies like Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPMN) among others to facilitate the enrolment of civil servants as members of those bodies.

9. Provision of basic ICT training to 23,361 civil servants in the state. The qualification obtained is used as a criteria for progression in the civil service.

10. Collaboration with development partners (USAID/RT/LEAD) to provide another training on ICT to 100 Directors in the state civil service.

11. Another 50 Directors/Senior Officers took part in a 3-week ICT organised in conjucntion with the Sokoto Education Development Trust Fund.

12. Training of Agric Extension Workers on Computer Appreciation held in partnership with USAID and Feed the Future organisation.

13. Approval granted to secure 30,000 motorcycle for distribution as loans to interested civil servants

14. Constant payment of salaries and pensions to workers and pensioners in the state

15. Provision of home renovation loans to 1,263 workers to make their houses more habitable.

16. Approval granted for the construction of 1000 new housing units for lower cadre workers.

17 Completion of 500 housing units for workers at Kalambaina inherited from the previous administration. President Muhammadu Buhari flagged it off when he visited Sokoto in November 2016.

18. Ongoing works at the 500 housing estate located at Gidan Man Ada. This is another project inherited from the previous administration and will be ready for allocation in the coming months.

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