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Sunday, 23 July 2017

A British man in the Philippines has been shot two days before his wedding

Tarek Naggar was outside a bar with his fiancee when he was attacked. Photograph: Facebook

Tarek Naggar, 44, was reported to be critically injured and in intensive care after being attacked during a robbery on the island of Cebu.

Naggar, from Milngavie in East Dunbartonshire and recently living in Sweden, was gunned down while sitting outside a bar with his fiancee Angie and best man Chris McLaughlin in the island’s capital, Cebu City, in the early hours of Thursday, according to the Sunday Herald.

Three men on a motor scooter were said to have pulled up and demanded that the Scot hand over his wallet. When he refused, one pulled out a pistol and shot him in the chest.

They also reportedly made off with the wallet, including credit cards and the local money he was carrying, equivalent to less than £10.

McLaughlin told the Sunday Herald that Naggar, who was due to get married on Saturday, received surgery and was put on a life-support machine after the bullet lodged in his lung.

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