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Monday, 17 July 2017

Because She Wants Her Children To Inherit All The Land, 3rd Wife Kills 4 Members Of Her Family In Enugu (Photos)

According to a report shared by an online user,the lady pictured below who is said to be the 3rd wife of her husband allegedly killed 4 members of her family including her husband because she wants her children to inherit all the lands belonging to the family.The incident happened in Nsude,Ugwuoto(google search shows that the place is in Enugu).Below is what a social media user wrote…

‘This is still unbelievable

God have mercy

How can you finish the whole family including your husband just because of land

They said she killed 4people from her family, because she is the 3rd wife of the man and she really wants her children to inherit the whole land  and  she also made twins crippled  because she want her children to inherit the whole land owned by her husband

What will we call this?

My prayers is that,  let the revelations began to flow to the whole part of Nsude because is not only in ugwuoto that we have evil people

God save your people in Jesus name Amen’

Source: Trezzyhelm

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