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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Clinically dead Nigerian who woke up in Indian mortuary tells his story

The Anioma Regional Headquarters of Deeper Life Bible Church, Boji Boji-Owa, Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State was recently filled to its capacity as family members, friends and well wishers of Samuel Anayo John Obute joined him in thanking God for bringing him back to life in a mortuary in India after he had been confirmed clinically dead in Australia.

Giving his testimony at the service that was attended by dignitaries from all walks of life and from different denominations of the Christian faith, Samuel said that he was diagnosed of ventricular center defect (a heart condition) five years ago.

He disclosed that his healthy condition had deteriorated in recent times to the extent that he  occasionally collapsed, adding that each time he collapsed, blood usually gushed out from his mouth, noise and other parts of his body. The 30-year-old medical student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka told the congregation that further medical examination on him revealed that he has seven holes in his heart for which he was subsequently informed that the sum of N24 million was needed for him to go for heart transplant in India.

His story: “The initial minor surgery carried out to cover the holes proved abortive. So, I was asked to go for an orthopedic heart transplant which cost N24 million including other expenses. There was no money. We wrote to the state government who assisted with a little sum.

“My church assisted me; friends and family contributed too, my surgeon, Prof Tamson, a consultant cardiologist who has worked in India for over 20 years before coming back to Nigeria took up my case because he said in over 200 cases he has done in cardiology, my case was different and rare.
“He spent huge sums of money on my case; he used his influence to attract many Heart Foundations to subsidise the cost of the operation.

“The surgery was scheduled to take place four weeks ago, but because I could not come up with enough money for flight, and other expenses, the schedule was aborted.”
Unfortunately, more complications arose because the family was unable to meet up after hundred days time frame of carrying an artificial heart elapsed.

“Finally I gathered enough money, and I left for India on Friday, June 9, 2017, but the doctors turned me back because I was four weeks late, and there was no way I was going to survive. So my doctor through his influence contacted a friend in Australia who had a private jet, and I was flown straight to Australia in a flight which lasted for 13 hours.

“I was much later told by my Nigerian surgeon that the doctors in the medical facility in Australia where I was flown to confirmed  that I was already dead after conducting a medical examination on me.
“A certificate confirming my death was issued to my surgeon by the doctors in the hospital in Australia, who subsequently asked him to fly my corpse back to India. When we got back to India, I was told that my body was taken to the mortuary and that as the hospital attendant was about to lock the door to the mortuary where I was kept, I began to feel terribly cold, a development that made me to shout for help.

“When the mortuary attendants saw me, he ran away and my doctor, who was attracted to the mortuary by my shout for help, came in and brought me out. It was when I asked him what we were doing in India, instead of being in Australia that he (my Nigerian surgeon) narrated what happened to me, adding that he had earlier informed my parents in Nigeria that I was dead”.

Samuel told the mammoth congregation who were held spell bound while listening to his testimony, that the only thing he remembered in his unconsciousness was how angels were working (operating) on him. Apparently shocked about the awesome development, he said that the medical team in the Indian hospital, who earlier conducted medical examination on him, had to repeat all the tests and they found out that he (Samuel) was without any health problem again. All the holes had miraculously disappeared!

Earlier in his sermon titled “Jesus: The same Yesterday, Today, and Forever”,  The former state overseer of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Jude Chukwuocha, who quoted copiously from the holy bible, harped on the need for Nigerians to surrender their lives to God.

Chukwuocha pointed out that Jesus Christ has come to restore people in the world who vehemently believe in him back to life, adding that He (Christ) has paid the ultimate price for our lives, even as he added that God has all it takes to save the whole world.
Highlight of the ceremony which featured choir ministration, was thanksgiving to God by Samuel who was accompanied by his parents, family members, friends and well wishers, as well as members of Deeper Life Bible Church.

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