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Monday, 24 July 2017

New Easy way to recover your google account password

New Easy way to recover your
google account password

Nowadays we find it hard to recover our lost email address with important documents,
photos, scripts or even articles. Now I found a new way to recover your lost or
forgotten google password.

Here are steps that will guide you through

Go to www.gmail.com

Login with your details, I mean register phone number connected to google account on
your first registration process the click ‘’Forgotten password’’ below your

Nex twindow will bring empty place to input your FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME correctly
then click below.

The painful and time wasting part is you wait for about 30-40mins to receive your
verification number, after receiving your verification number (e.g G-89865)
then input the digits on the empty space.

your password and SAVE.

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