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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Developing a good speaking and listening techniques

To speak and communicate your own ideas to other people. It is important to think out what you want to say clearly and logically so that there is smoothness in your speech without having recourse to ‘Em em, I mean I mean etc.

Next to getting your ideas well organized is the mastery of your language technicalities. Usually there must be agreement of the subject with its verb, transitive or intransitive, in number, tense and person. A deliberate attempt to use simple, every day words and construction of non-involved sentences are sure gateways to effective speaking. Never start your speech by clearing your throat.

Often one listens painfully to what otherwise would have been a most successful speech but for the pronounciation. The dictionary  will indicate how words The dictionary can be pronounced as well as indicate its various shades of meaning and usages. Often the present has listened with dismay to people inventing their own pronunciation through speaking the English language with their dialects as standard of reference. Obviously such is a nasty distraction of the audience’s attention and an irritating prejudice against the message to be delivered. A speaker is reminded to go straight to the main idea and should not waste time on unnecessary details because time is the only one resource that cannot be replaced.

One should endeavor not to make many references to himself. It is advised to avoid it entirely, if he can. The reason for this is that the listeners are themselves individuals whose experience may be much richer than the speaker’s. Use of imagery is a good speaking device as it refreshes the audience’s memory with other associated ideas.
One’s speech must be coherent, orderly with all ideas convincingly well marshalled because this is an entire reflection of some personality traits. The Bible is in immediate support in this for it says: “Out of the abundance of thy mind thy mouth speaketh” Speak with decorum built in self-confidence and gracefulness.

To be able to catch the message of a speech it is necessary to listen to it with an open mind, and of course with rapt attention. A mind receptive to the ideas will be able to follow the arguments for and against. In this case too, one has to be interested and concentrate on what is being said. Equally too one should avoid being restless and listless as these are sure diversion.

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