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Thursday, 14 September 2017

GTA III All Cheats For PC

Grand Theft Auto III is an open-world adventure shooter game played from a third-person perspective. It is set in fictional Liberty City from the Grand Theft Auto series. The game was released for the PC by Rockstar Games in 2002. All of the known cheat codes and their effects are listed here.
How to Enter a GTA III Cheat Code
Cheat codes for GTA III  for a PC are entered during gameplay by typing in the cheat you want to activate while you are in Liberty City.
Codes are not case-sensitive. These cheats cannot be disabled after you activate them. To disable the cheats, restart the game or load a saved game that did not use the cheats.
GTA III Gameplay Cheats
15 tricks and tips to improve your game. 
Cheat Code                                                                  Effect
GESUNDHEIT                                                             Full health
GUNSGUNSGUNS                                                     Unlock all weapons
IFIWEREARICHMAN                                                 Add money
TURTOISE (or TORTOISE in version 1.1)                  Full armor
SKINCANCERFORME                                               Set weather to clear
CHITTYCHITTYBB                                                    Enable flying cars
ANICESETOFWHEELS                                              Enable visibility through vehicles
BANGBANGBANG                                                     Destroy nearby cars
CORNERSLIKEMAD                                                  Improve handling
GIVEUSATANK                                                           Spawn Rhino (tank)
ILIKEDRESSINGUP                                                    Change character
MOREPOLICEPLEASE                                               Increase Wanted level
NOPOLICEPLEASE                                                    Decrease Wanted level
TIMEFLIESWHENYOU                                              Faster time/gameplay
NASTYLIMBSCHEAT                                                Enable graphic gore

Pedestrian Cheats
Turn ordinary people into extraordinary beings.
Cheat Code                                                     Effect
ITSALLGOINGMAAAD                                 Pedestrians go crazy
NOBODYLIKESME                                        Pedestrians attack
WEAPONSFORALL                                       Pedestrians all have weapons

Weather Cheats
Get all fogged up.
Cheat Code                                         Effect
ILIKESCOTLAND                              Set weather to foggy level 1
ILOVESCOTLAND                             Set weather to foggy level 2
PEASOUP                                            Set weather to foggy level 3

About Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto III introduced the third-person 3D game perspective to the game series in 2001 with its release for the PlayStation 2.
 The game is based in Liberty City, which is modeled on New York, and it follows the character Claude, an ambitious low-life criminal. The game is rated M for mature audiences because of the level of violence depicted. The world is traversed on foot or by a vehicle at the player's preferred pace, and players can travel freely in the three islands of Liberty City to complete missions. Some of the missions are difficult to complete, and that is where the cheats come in handy.
Grand Theft Auto III is a hybrid game that includes elements of role-playing, exploring, shooting and driving. It has humor too – dark humor. The characters are well-developed, and the story lines are enticing. There are hundreds of possible missions, amazing cars and plenty of weather effects to deal with.

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