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CrashSolution is a news site, teaching the ways of marketing, investing and also solving educational problems. Crashsolution.net provides day to day services.

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Location: Nigeria, Sokoto
Area: No 57, Emir Yahaya Road Sokoto South
Landmarks: Opposite Sokoto South Secretariat.

We have three admins here who can solve your assignment and will be mailed to correct email you provide.

Summit your Questions to these emails or numbers below:

1. Adams Z.K Skippo
     Email: adams6t@gmail.com.
     Mobile Number: 08102715019

2. Uchendu Emmanuel Chibuike (Admin)
     Email: terrohacker@gmail.com
     Mobile Number: 08149153325.

The rest are loading.

Note: We are trusted Company and do not over charge or cheat on prizes. You are allowed for discounts. 


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